President’s Message - January 2019

2019 is an exciting year for the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) as we proudly celebrate our dynamic centennial. We will be looking back and appreciating many of our milestones, however, I implore you to also look ahead during this exciting time of growth in International trade. Not many organizations stand the test of time and reach 100 years of existence. The FTA successfully arrived at this point by staying abreast of “hot topics” in our industry and by extending education regarding cutting edge issues in foreign trade.

This last year has forced more businesses to consider where their products are originating from and how trade touches their everyday lives- the threat of tariffs, the renegotiation of trade agreements and the economic impact of such actions. This puts us in a position where we can have a real effect on the direction of foreign trade not only in our region but across the entire United States.

These considerations also force us to recognize that our industry is continually evolving and we have to change right along with it. Our workforce is getting younger, and many of our savvy new colleagues have a very different career trajectory than we initially did some years ago. There is a real opportunity for the FTA to be the vehicle that effectively bridges that gap and ultimately to be an excellent resource for the career growth of our membership.

As your 2019 president, it is my goal to network and support other associations locally/nationally, to expand our reach and assist in the development of a future younger workforce, and to continue offering timely and relevant education/training for our community. Lastly and importantly, to celebrate our FTA successes with exciting events ahead for the 100-year milestone. I am open to any ideas so kindly don’t hesitate to voice your thoughts

Hope you are all on board with me for an exciting year ahead!

Lisa Donabedian

Foreign Trade Association
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